Thursday 14 December 2017

This is from one of my favorite astrologers….Hare in the Moon astrology

““At critical junctures, outer trouble and the inner need to grow conspire to set each of us on a path of awakening and initiation.”
Michael Meade.

We are in the belly of a kairotic Transition – a rare and karmic incubation from one way of being to another- and as such it cannot be be approached as is the norm in our over culture which is by ignoring what is gestating at soulful level and trying to jump straight from Now into the imagined “improved” reality.

This frequency shift from 3D to wherever, reading Facebook posts about “taking back your power” or “moving out of victim mode” as you have thousands of times before then “liking” them because it appeals to the need to feel special without actually changing,is a dead end. It is just another go-around of working on yourself by using willpower to get to somewhere new/different/more exciting than here and now. It is a deadly psychic shortcut avoidance of the alchemy that needs to incubate in the dark to carry you across from personality level living to your emerging higher time-line.

The single most radical decision to make now is refusing 3D ways of operating – not swallowing the bait of making New Year’s resolutions or buying into programs to reset you for 2018, or calibrating your 12th DNA strand (!)- and instead tracking your unique emergence as it is happening.

This instantly pulls your attention straight back to the power and potential of Saturn on the Master degree of Sagittarius, on Mondays New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center, quietening you down to use your wolf ears and senses to attune to Mercury’s data retrieval and instructions for your journey. To mark out step by step a trajectory you will only understand when enough time has passed to join up the dots.

This is the Dream Time, the dark of the birth passage, the moment to journal and to listen to your night dreams for clues to future creations.

This is the Becoming – the time of embodiment-a growing down into a reality fueled by Source not just the spinning wheels of your human will power.

This is a Gateway aligning you to your High heart, your crystalline DNA and switching up your time-lines, your bandwidths of experience. Don’t even try to shape it to your 3D desires- the ongoing fallout from August’s doozy of an Eclipse will be amplified by its mirror image Eclipse on February 15th.

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Mars in Scorpio – Dec 9, 2017 – Jan 26, 2018

Mars is very at home in Scorpio (the ruler of Mars). Scorpio is a Fixed water sign and is about getting to the bottom of things so they can be completely transformed… while action oriented Mars is great at stimulating and provoking change.

Tenacity is common with motivated Mars in this Fixed sign, and there’s a greater ability to persevere and work through difficult challenges during this transit. It has been said that Mars in Scorpio doesn’t like doing things the easy way.

Mars in Scorpio is intense, forceful, strong willed, with strong drives and ambitions. This is a time when any repressed anger can lead one to get super aggressive, destructive or dangerous. In relationships the suppressed anger and desires can have one be extra possessive, jealous, controlling and obsessive.

The drive to change something in our lives through sheer willpower will be quite available during this transit. Mars in Scorpio is never afraid to explore the darker, more vulnerable side of life. In fact, this is where Mars in Scorpio thrives. That’s why this transit may prompt us to do some psychological self-examination – giving us insight that sets the stage for a major transformation. Be selective in which walls you want to tear down however. Focus your energy on projects that redirect your passions and intensity into constructive and positive ways.

Mars in Scorpio helps us develop our personal power. Use this time to master the shadow parts of ourselves (bitterness, inability to forgive, revenge) with discipline, courage and willpower.

Individuals that have Mars in Scorpio as a placement in their natal chart…. if they allow themselves the time and space to express and release the constant anger in healthy ways, they can be the most passionate and emotionally rewarding human beings to be around as their emotions are so powerfully raw, true and felt in every cell of their being…. they will empower you and inspire you at a core level. They will penetrate and transform anything they set their intention on… they also become a powerful driven force capable of attaining the unimaginable. They are loyal in love and crave a deep connection with a partner they can trust.

Mars is about forward momentum and Scorpio is about emotions….so if you have this natally, it means your attitudes and actions are intense, powerful and willful….you are capable of great endurance. You can dust yourself off no matter how many times life knocks you down. If you sense someone is being dishonest, you will investigate until you find out what’s really going on. You are inclined to explore the depths of your own emotions, seeking to understand yourself in ways you didn’t before. This is what makes Mars in Scorpio a great placement for growth and transformation…….to have the willingness to “go there”.

Mars meeting up with the other planets –

From December 16, 2017 Mars will be moving into contact with Jupiter (expansion) (exact Jan 7, 2018) and will be active until Jan 26, 2018. Exaggeration can be a tendency when Mars in Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio – and can make this behavior much too strong. All our emotions will become very strong and, occasionally, overwhelming. This goes both for positive and negative emotions. Our passions, erotic or not, will follow the same pattern. For example… are you passionate about your work, or a hobby? This is a time you can become very creative….however, do try to avoid behaviors of obsession – use that willpower!

On Dec 22, 2017 Mars will move into aspect with Pluto (will be exact Jan 8, 2018) and active until Jan 26, 2018. This is hot blooded, big and powerful, risk taking, transformative, aggressive energy….think power struggles and deep passions as expressions of this energy (yours/others). If we choose to ignore or suppress this demanding energy, a sense of depression, lack of creativity, pessimism or a general lack of energy and enthusiasm can be a result.

Exercising and physical movement are a great way to use this energy to express itself. Try to avoid “pushing the envelope” and get your doctors advice before engaging in such activities.

Accidents are prone to happen due to doing things in haste…. especially when Mars is stressed by the Moon

(Dec 12, 2017, Dec 18, (Dec 19, 2017 – the Moon is in aspect to Pluto) Dec 24, Dec 25, 2017 (the Moon forms a T square with the Nodes)(Dec 28, 2017 – Moon opposite Mars square the Nodes) Dec 30, 2018 (Jan 4, 2018 Moon square Mars), (Jan 11, 2018 Moon conjunct Mars). The Moon moves fairly quickly in a day, so these are not long term connections.

So, be extra careful. Even more so, if you choose to do the high-risk kind of activities….which can become very seductive during Mars’ stay in Scorpio ….. definitely do so mindfully. Both Pluto’s and Jupiter’s influence add to the intensity and expansiveness of this energy.

Pluto has already started influencing Scorpio through its positioning with Jupiter (which is also in Scorpio) and will continue doing so until November, 2018.

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Ritual for the Mercury retrograde/ Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon in Gemini (on Dec 3rd) characteristically carries an open mind, and a curious soul, but can at times be at odds with their wants/needs, and desires/dreams. This potent energy of the Moon allows us to “open to receive”, we must remember to protect and shield our openness, because December 3rd also is the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, so it being in close aspect with the Gemini Full Moon, may bring about some interesting shifts in consciousness. The result of these two energies may be a push/pull of the need to communicate and express your desires, but a hesitation towards action and movement towards your goals – and on the opposite side of the coin you may also feel a pull to be spontaneous and to make moves, but you have to have a plan of action before you act.

The key during this period is to allow the energy to work for you, not against you, and an important reminder to harness the positive aspects of the Full Moon/Retrograde period is to reflect, but also protect, to examine before acting, and to listen as well as hear.

The Ritual –

What you will need –

Blue Candle
Frankincense incense or oil
Blank Paper
Ball point pen with blue ink

How to do it –

Mercury governs the throat chakra, which corresponds to the color blue, and Frankincense incense. It is recommended to get a blue candle, and Frankincense incense (or oil) to honor Mercury, and to call forth clear communication.

Light the blue candle, and incense, and open sacred space with a prayer of gratitude for the time, energy, and intention of the ritual. Honor creativity and creation from a place of gratitude, and call in energies that support your highest good, “for the benefit of all beings.”

Take about 10 minutes to meditate while softly gazing at the flame of the candle, and with each inhale visualize the light of the universe expanding within you, with each exhale allow all that does not serve you to dissolve.

After the 10 minute meditation, say the following affirmation out loud –

I am open, clear, and honest in my communication.
I have a right to speak my truth.
I communicate my feelings with ease.
I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.
I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges.
I nourish my spirit through creativity.
I live an authentic life. I have integrity.
I love to share my experiences and wisdom. I know when it is time to listen.
I express my gratitude towards life.
I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is.
I take good care of my physical body.
I am at peace.

Now, take a piece of blank paper, and write the following intentions in BLUE ink. Fill the gap in the following sentences on a sheet of paper with your name, and intention.

I _______ am so grateful for ____________.
I _______ have blissful relationships with ___________.
I _______ have increased my health, and well being by ________________.
I _______ am abundant with _____________.

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Looking at Mercury Retrograde time (stationing Dec 3) with different eyes……..

Do you find yourself breaking out in a sweat with the mention of “Mercury Retrograde time”? Are you anxious over making the wrong choice when having to make a decision? Afraid to travel? Make a major purchase?? Or, are you confused by the whole thing?

It’s not that Mercury Retrograde isn’t a thing….. it’s definitely a thing. I am sure you have some story around a Mercury Retrograde that is used as a reason for why one should be cautious — and often for good reason.

But what if we created a new consciousness perspective around Mercury Retrograde time….not to deny that things get a little screwy with everything that’s under Mercury’s rule like travel, communication, electronics, rational thought. A retrograde is a state change. A planet, which has previously expressed its energy as active, is now in a receptive position. Yang becomes yin.

Mercury represents choice….and Mercury traveling in the active state (Yang) helps us gather information and have new experiences that then informs our choices. When retrograde (Yin), Mercury now takes in and sorts through the information and ideas it has gathered. Because retrogrades speak to some sort of karmic process, we’re also taking a second look at our choices… how they’ve manifested…and the different avenues we could or should take instead.

When Mercury is in retrograde, we’re not supposed to blindly move forward and take in new experiences. We’re supposed to reflect, rework and allow our choices to inform our consciousness. When Mercury is retrograde, we have to face the unconsciousness of our choices. We may relive old events and old themes. People from the past resurface. Maybe the traffic is delayed because we’re meant to explore a new way home literally and metaphorically.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to forge a new path and get a new perspective. Do I hear you say…”how do I forge something new in a retrograde period”? Well, we are not actually starting anything new….we are taking the information and experiences we have and turning it into something different. Think of it as a time of alchemy…turning a situation/thought process into something new. Retrogrades are a state change.

Make the time during these next few weeks to look at your choices differently. Yes, it’s generally considered not the best to sign a contract, buy a car, or do something big during Mercury Retrograde. But there are times that life can’t wait for us. If you have to move forward, examine your unconscious motivations. What are your blind spots? Where do you not have all the information? Where do you need to do more research?

So…take a deep breath and allow yourself to be energetically receptive. Get a new perspective. Oh, and back up your computer files, too.

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New Moon in Scorpio – Sat Nov 18…..Write down your 10 wishes!

The New Moon each month marks a time of new beginnings and realizations. It’s like a birth after a time of gestation or being ‘in the womb’. Here, the light begins to return and we can see new beginnings and possibilities. A New Moon means that the Sun and the Moon are both together – bringing a synergy of their energies together. The New Moon is a perfect time to set your intentions for the future. This period is wonderful for planting seeds of whatever kind. What do you want to manifest in your future? Whether you write it down, sing about it or just hold the thought forms in your mind, doing this at the new Moon can realize some fabulous results around the things that you want to draw into your life.

The New Moon occurs on Saturday Nov 18 …… it’s an interesting New Moon with lots of promise and rewards, although it could have some frustration among the planetary energies going on. The New Moon is at 26 degrees Scorpio and it is in a challenging aspect to Uranus, and in aspect to Saturn. This can have us feeling a little held back, or, it can have us feeling that some adjustments needs to be made that can feel like going over old ground, rather than covering the new. Still, we can change a lot of our paradigms as this New Moon is trine Chiron, (our wounds) and that can have us examining The Stories That We Tell Ourselves in order to find where we can be changing our tune.

Changing our tune is a very useful thing to do right now. Of course, we might be quite happy with the tune we’re playing, but, others might not be, or, we might feel that we’ve played that tune long enough and we would do well to try out another melody – another aspects of ourselves that we can resonate with.

Part of the deal at the moment is recognizing who belongs in our lives and who doesn’t. We may have people appearing that are downright challenging, horrid, accusatory, dismissive, etc, and, we might wonder what we’re doing continuing to entertain the thought of having them in our sphere. If they break through your boundaries, if they hurt you, accuse you, project stuff at you that doesn’t belong to you, if they are so out of left field that you don’t want them in your life anymore, this can be a time to let them go, to free them up, along with freeing yourself up (which is actually more important).

So, it could be time for you to split off and go in a different direction OR it could be time for you to concentrate on what you need in order to grow and prosper without being concerned about other peoples’ directions. The trick is to stay focused on your needs in spite of what’s going on.

Redemption and relief is possible… especially now as Saturn is smack on the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). We are being asked to get straight and real about our desires, our thoughts, the things that we ‘put out there’. What do we want to have in our lives? What do we want to be making of our lives? How can we best focus on what we want, especially if we tend to focus on what others want and forget our own needs, wishes and desires.

With Saturn on the Galactic Center ……. we might be seeing our thoughts readily manifesting into situations, conversations and outcomes almost before we’ve had a chance to truly think about them. We are likely to find many synchronicities and psychic occurrences, some of which can be mind-blowing and very revealing. We are being asked, perhaps now more than ever, to keep a watch on our thoughts. Where are our intentions taking us? Where are we directing ourselves in our day-to-day lives?

Saturn and Chiron are square to each other, so, we are being asked to examine those stories, those tales that we tell every single day. This can equate to the things we say to ourselves about ourselves, but, it can also show up where we talk about others, along with the stories that cross our minds a million times a day which are time wasting, sabotaging, of no use or just plain useless. It’s by noticing what crosses your mind that you can drop the negative or non productive thoughts with a statement of ‘not useful to me’, ‘don’t need to think about that’, or, just merely switching to another mode of thought. Doing this can lead to major insights into how our mind works, and, we will find that we go into those negative time wasting spaces less and less. This is, after all, a time to drop our ‘wounds’, the worn-out things from the past that no longer serve us in order to move into the future less encumbered, less triggered and less reactionary.

Chiron and The Stories That We Tell Ourselves…..speaks of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, the good from the not-so-good, the people that we want to keep in our lives from the ones that we realize are bad for us, holding us back, undermining us, or, just generally being a damp squib sapping us of our energies. Chiron has spent many months in the same position and, we have had an increased awareness about (or intolerance for) those who abuse our trust, those who overstep their boundaries, those who really should not have a place of power and authority in our lives.

Adding to the ability to see where we would do well to change our lives is the trine between Saturn and Uranus. This can help us to get straight about what we want, and, it can help us to get our ducks in a row to achieve those things. We can see where we might do better by being more disciplined and organized while still being real about our desires for an authentic life… not dictated by others against our best wishes.

One of the trickier aspects of this New Moon is the quincunx (150 degree aspect) between the New Moon and Uranus. I see the quincunx (some people call it the inconjunct) as being ‘the itch that is hard to scratch’. We may see where we want to make changes, but, it’s like we can’t see around corners, we sometimes have to wait, to make a better or bigger plan, to make sure we can see where we’re heading before making some of the bigger commitments or decisions. Or course, life goes on and we can’t always delay making big decisions, but, if we can hold off and gather more information, it can be good to do it now as there might be more information to be gained.

There is also the semi-sextile from the New Moon to Saturn…. this can also have us hedging our bets and holding off – if at all possible – in order to feel more sure and settled about decisions made now.

One of the bigger aspects at this New Moon is the square between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. This has a super-charged energy about it. The biggest promise of this Mars/Pluto square is one of transformation. Through feeling our feelings, acknowledging what’s really going on, watching and listening to the truth of matters, etc, we can have a huge transformation and one that takes us into a new way of being. We may have to see where we’re being challenged to stay in our own power, to own our own truth, to stand up and be strong. This can be easier said than done, but, with careful exploration of the energies around us, we can step up to a stronger sense of Self. It may be necessary to let others go from your life, to drop the stories that no longer serve around being triggered or set off in ways that no longer serve you (they probably haven’t served us for a long time…).

Mars in Libra (especially with this New Moon in Scorpio) along with the square from Mars to Pluto in Capricorn can show us where we’ve been sacrificing ourselves, being ‘yes’ people instead of thinking what it is that we actually want, bending over to help others while putting our own needs on the back burner, etc. This could be a time of finding that you can say ‘no’ (indeed, sometimes loudly) and you now can cut off from those who really don’t add anything worthwhile to your life or existence….. you can block them and let them go on their own way. There can be a great sense of liberation and release, although, at first, it may be somewhat painful as realizations can have us backing off from people, situations, events, memories or whatever – especially if we thought that we would always be there for each other.

This type of growth shown by Mars and Pluto in square (especially in Libra and Capricorn) can be very maturing and rewarding, but we are being asked to really identify our boundaries. Fighting is not going to work (it never particularly does) but especially not now. We need to be firm and not waver or feel guilty or that we’ve done something wrong (unless, of course, we really feel that we have transgressed our usual boundaries, in which case we will do well to forgive ourselves and let things lie for a little while while they sort themselves out.

“Cut the poison out of your life…” can relate to not entertaining useless thoughts, opinions, beliefs, etc. When negative trains of thought come up, it is very useful to just drop them, let them go, say to yourself “not now, not ever, do I need to think about this”, and, just drop it. Otherwise, we can find that Mars and Pluto at this Scorpionic New Moon can have us going over and over old stories, rehashing old wounds and just perpetuating the very difficulties that we would rather transcend. Out with the old and in with the new, more positive, more vibrant and more sustaining.

Venus on 14 degrees Scorpio is a fabulous and helpful energy that can be very healing and rewarding. ‘Installing new connections’ can see us reaching out to new people, new opportunities, new ways of connecting with others, opportunities, places, situations, events, etc, that further us and can take us into bigger and more rewarding outcomes.

Venus and Jupiter together hold the promise of so much of the good and rewarding, and, we might be surprised where it takes us as the story continues to unfold through and after this New Moon! Abundance, expansion, goodness, truth telling, etc, can prevail, especially if we stand in our power and see the goodness in the world – there truly is so much goodness to be seen, felt, experienced and celebrated!

Credit to Judith Hill

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Mercury enters it’s retrograde shadow period…….arrange your ducks accordingly

We have entered the Mercury retrograde shadow zone…..Mercury turns retrograde for the last time this year on Dec. 2 (shortly before the Full Moon in Pisces on Dec 3) until December 22nd. It will still be in its shadow period until January 11th, 2018.

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Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 7, 2018)
Venus in Scorpio (Nov 7, 2017 – Nov 30, 2017)

Jupiter/ Mars in Scorpio conjunction (Dec 24, 2017 – exact Jan 5, 2018 – separating Jan 19, 2018
Mars in Scorpio (Dec 9, 2017 – Jan 25, 2018)

On Nov 12th, Venus and Jupiter will form an exact conjunction in Scorpio in the sky. As this is a particularly noteworthy conjunction due to their unusual closeness, it’s well worth having a look at them in the night/morning sky.

When planets come together, their energies blend. In this case the expansive, enhancing energy of Jupiter, will blend with our values, including our inner values and what we value in relationships. As it’s in the sign of Scorpio, the blending enhances the aspects of life that are most intense, passionate, full of depth and hidden. Mythologically we are in the underworld. Psychologically, this describes the personal and collective unconscious and particularly our shadow.

The coming together of Jupiter and Venus is often regarded as a ‘positive’ transit, as Jupiter is traditionally regarded as ‘the great benefic’. However, it’s helpful to keep in mind that expansion is not always easy, particularly when what is being expanded, is the shadow areas of our value system and how we live this out through our relationships. The Scorpionic arena of relationships at its most expansive includes: passion, loyalty, sexual intensity, honesty and commitment. At its most limited it can be expressed through: power struggles, control, abuse, fear and betrayal.

For anyone with strong Scorpio in your natal chart (Sun in Scorpio, Sun/Pluto, 8th house Sun, Scorpio Ascendant, Moon in Scorpio, Moon/Pluto, Venus in Scorpio, Venus/Pluto, Mars in Scorpio or Mars/Pluto), life and relationships involve a constant choice re how to express the powerful energies mentioned above. Whether they are expressed at their most limited, or their most expansive, depends on many factors. The most important factor, is the level of consciousness of your own feelings and behavior and how much healing has taken place from past events that influenced you over your lifetime. As we all know well, whatever has been repressed and suppressed into the shadow, tends to come flying up in close relationships. All of this is likely to be strongly triggered with the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. The more conscious we are of our relationship patterns, the less surprising some of the revelations are likely to be.

Although this transit is likely to be particularly powerful in your relationships if you have any of the above configurations in your natal or midpoint composite chart, it will no doubt affect everyone, as dealing with our shadow is a lifetime task for us all. For more information, take a look at where this conjunction lands in your personal and in your midpoint composite chart.

The following exercise may be of help at this time:

Light a candle in a quiet and private space that you have already cleared with Sage and put some relaxing music on in the background. Either lying or sitting, consider the following questions. It may be helpful to take some notes of your answers either on paper or on a recorder/phone when you feel ready to do so:

1. What is my pattern in relationships re loyalty and betrayal? Do I tend to betray or do I often feel betrayed?

2. Similarly with power. Do I feel a need to have power in a relationship? How does this play out? What is my need for power based on? Where do I feel vulnerable? Do I often feel powerless in close relationships? Where and why am I not owning my power?

3. Do I truly want close emotional and sexual intimacy? If so, have I created it in relationships? If not, what are the obstacles and fears within myself?

4. What are three core values that matter the most for me in all my relationships and particularly in sexually intimate relationships? Are these still valid right now? If not – what changes would I like to make? How might my relationships be different with these changes?

Article credit to Relationships and Astrology

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Weekly Astro update for Nov 5 – 12

Get Ready for more Energy Changes…..

Sun in Scorpio – (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

Mercury in Sagittarius – (Nov 5 – Jan 11)

Preretrograde shadow – (Nov 15 – Dec 3, 2017)

Retrograde period – (Dec 3 – Dec 22, 2017)

Post retrograde shadow – (Dec 22, 2017 – Jan 10, 2018)

All clear Jan 11, 2018

Venus in Scorpio – (Nov 7 – Dec 1)

Mars in Libra – (Oct 22 – Dec 9)

Jupiter in Scorpio – ( Oct 10 – Nov 2018)

Uranus in Aries – (Mar 2011 – May 2018 then again due to retrograding Nov 2018 – Mar 2019)

Saturn in Sagittarius – till Dec 20, 2017…then moves into Capricorn until Dec 2020 – belt tightening time

Once again two of our personal planets are changing sign – MERCURY into SAGITTARIUS and VENUS into SCORPIO. But these energy changes feature two planets moving into signs they’re not overly comfortable in. The new flavors may take some adjusting to, particularly if you’re ruled by either in your natal chart.

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, our thinking shifts from a need to plumb the depths of any given situation (Scorpio) to the desire to learn about a wide range of topics (Sagittarius). Ideals are sought, our thinking is more optimistic, and our faith increases. We are more equipped to believe and to persuade. What is fair and unfair concerns us most now. However, we are not always very precise under this influence.

Venus in Scorpio
– deeply passionate relations are the focus. Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy now, as we yearn for “body and soul” contact with someone special–contact that breaks the taboos, that is extreme and intense, and that is unforgettable. This is a highly emotional position for Venus. It is a passionate, sensual, and intense energy. Our relationships are immensely important to us, and we may even feel that they consume us. In fact, we tend to want to be consumed by them!

Our drive is toward intense closeness, but blind faith in our partners is extremely hard for us now. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up our own power to others are strong. Scorpio is an “all or nothing” energy, and relationships tend to be somewhat of a roller coaster ride as a result. Disdain for mediocrity and superficiality can compel us to create crises in order to feel alive and vital.

So while not a light Venusian atmosphere, it’s one for cleaning (purging) house. With all contacts, there’s more courage to be out with it, and to disrupt a pattern that has its roots in a deeper, perhaps buried emotional-psychic knot.

It’s a favorable atmosphere for Venus signs in Water or Earth. It’s a titillating atmosphere, to be subtle here, and a new love could grow from that initial magnetic attraction.

One of this year’s big transits (Saturn in Sagittarius) has signaled shifting tides – or shifting sands. Saturn’s travels through Sagittarius are coming to a close and as we reflect on how Saturn has shaped our big picture view over the last 2.5 years – perhaps by restraining it, perhaps by constricting it or perhaps by lending it strength – there’s a final zap in a year of zaps from Uranus, Master of Change. Particularly if you have a planet/point at the 25/26deg of the Fire or Air Signs (Leo,Sagittarius, Aries – Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) there’s still one more joker in the pack and this week isn’t necessarily one to take things as they currently stand for granted.

Mid week we could be seeing power plays as the Sun and Pluto will be interacting. The Sun is in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto, so heads up….manipulation and control issues are in the air. Also, Mars will be aspecting Neptune……which means something is revealed or concealed………a deception of some sort around male energy.

If you have a planet/point at 11/12deg anywhere in your chart….pay attention as it might be a more potent time for you. The week closes out with one of “those” cross-roads – where dissatisfaction may prevail as the Sun squares the Lunar Nodes, and neither the here-and-now nor the future path is particularly appealing. Planets/points at 19/20deg of the Fixed Signs (Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio) are most affected…. fortunately it’s a relatively quick pass.

When a good time to not push ahead is? During a Moon Wobble. What is a Moon Wobble? In astrology this happens when the Sun is in a square aspect or conjoined with the Lunar Nodes.

When the Sun squares the Nodes or joins with them (as in an Eclipse) there is big instability (emotionally, mentality and physically) around the globe. And they happen a few times a year.

Because of the instability it best not to make any major decisions through this time…..and don’t make any dramatic life changes. You will likely feel more emotional or reactive then usual….just know that these feelings will pass. Stick to your routines and plug away at projects already under way.

On October 22nd began an especially long Solar and Moon Wobble that goes until December 28th, 2017. This Wobble is coupled with a Mercury retrograde from December 2nd until December 22nd. This creates a “double whammy” Wobble. The center of the Wobble is at 19 degrees 34 minutes of Scorpio.

Now to a discussion of Neptune in Pisces who has been a big player this year. One of the main reasons is that it has been in conflict with Saturn in Sagittarius (revision of our belief systems). Neptune, of all the planetary cycles, is the most difficult as it is nebulous and one just can’t get a handle on where or what one is experiencing…it’s just is so unclear and vague. If Neptune is making a hard aspect to your Mars, Mercury and or Sun, you could be having some big challenges during this time and a bit lost in the dark about it all.

The advantageous thing about having Neptune in Pisces is we may become more inspired, more imaginative, more psychic and more interested with spiritual teachings.

Mercury in Sagittarius will be squaring Neptune in Pisces the evening of Nov 12, 2017. This will make our thinking and communication really challenging. Just in time for the Mercury retrograde preshadow stage. Try to get any contracts signed before this period.

It is the energy where so many seem out to lunch as if they were inebriated, not present. Scheduling an appointment, including a social get together, ordering something, talking to the phone company, the internet company, the cable company…. the list goes on and on. Many are not listening or hearing something entirely different. How can we deal with this and lessen the stress.

First of all… request that others repeat the important details back to you as this will help clarity. Next write things down along with the date and name of person you spoke with. Get things in writing especially estimates of work to be done and if you are doing any remodeling make sure you are there while it is being done. Reconfirm appointments, including any social get together and ask for a reply back to make sure they received the message. Make daily lists and set up reminders on your phone…do not assume you will remember it all.

This is the kind of energy where one can meander off into other things forgetting about an appointment, etc. It is a time where the emotional system and immune system can go into overload. Take the absolute best care of yourself and do not overextend yourself with obligations, including social ones. Avoid drama in your Life and those who create personal drama. A time to be extra alert and not tired or distracted.

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Astro update for week of Oct 22, 2017

The week begins with two important planets changing signs… and bringing significant energy changes. Mars (action-oriented, impulsive) leaves resourceful Virgo (organized, detailed, health oriented) today (Sunday)… and moves into Libra (gracious, relationship oriented, fairness and balance) – the sign where he is least able to be his usual aggressive and dynamic self (more like passive aggressive). The Sun moves into penetrating Scorpio on Monday.

While you might find yourself less concerned about whether your actions are helpful to others or not or if you are getting everything correct (Virgo) – you might find that you will be much more indecisive about taking any action at all as you strive to be all things to all people and probably make none of them happy in the process (Libra).

The Sun has changed from diplomatic Libra to secretive and intense Scorpio. Your attention is likely to move from relationships and maintaining balance in your life to ascertaining what it is that you truly desire at a deep unconscious level. Scorpio loves to unravel a mystery and within our own psyche is contained our deepest, darkest and hidden secrets to be uncovered (Jupiter in Scorpio also helps this uncovering process). The month ahead will be an intriguing and insightful time for us all with huge potential for healing.

Mars will be acting more from his mind rather than physical action (Libra is an Air sign)… while the Sun in Scorpio (a Water sign – emotional and wants to merge with the other) is focusing on feeling at the deepest possible level… the next four weeks will be far more about reflection and introspection than reacting and achieving on the material plane.

On November 2 – Saturn (karma, limitations, boundaries) will be making his final exact square to Chiron (our unhealed wounds)….. and will be receiving multiple transits from Venus, Mercury, and Mars for the remainder of the month. This will further emphasize any healing opportunities that may lie ahead for us and in different ways.

The Saturn-Chiron aspect has 3 exact squares – with the November one coming up, you may be feeling the energy already.


4/30/2017 (Saturn was in retrograde)

11/2/2017 (Chiron is in retrograde).

12-19-2017 Venus will square Chiron (how deep is your love – prove it to me)

01-05-2018 Mercury will square Chiron (do you find yourself thinking/talking about your wound stories?)

Think back to those times and see what was going on for you at that time. This is the second year in a row we’ve had a major year-long aspect pattern involving Saturn. One of the gifts of Saturn is that it lifts the scales from our eyes and brings a reality check.

Under a heavy Chiron transit, we could feel ineffective and encounter situations in which we feel we need to prove ourselves to others. The trick is to prove ourselves to ourselves first —to build our own self-respect. Efforts to prove ourselves to others will backfire–they simply won’t work. We will appear less effective to them, and we’ll exacerbate our own feelings of unworthiness. It’s an endless loop. We have to take a step back, be patient, and let our characters speak for themselves.

If others are not seeing us in a particularly positive light right now or if they are doubting us (which can very much be the case during these transits), the only way to solve the problem is to resist the urge to prove ourselves to them. Under a heavy Chiron transit, we also need to avoid a tendency to follow others, to “suck up” to them.

Chiron activates, by hard aspect, our “wounds”– areas where we feel weakened and unsuccessful – and while it shines its light on these wounds, we may be inclined to blindly follow others’ advice or to get ourselves into subservient roles.

Chiron in our chart also reveals where we are emotionally sensitive. It’s the little places where if someone says something the wrong way we burst out in tears. Transiting Saturn, being the strict Taskmaster that he is, wants to make sure that we are doing the hard work to heal old wounds and will make sure that those wounds pop up in our conscious mind so that we can attend to them.

It’s easy when we are unhappy to find someone to blame those feelings on, and often it seems fair and legitimate to do so. But as long as we blame and accuse someone else, we remain stuck in our unhappiness. Each of us is responsible for our own healing…..and our own happiness.

The Shadow side of this planetary placement is avoidance of responsibility, agonizing over old hurts, letting any resentments brew, self punishing behavior, over sensitivity, escapism to avoid pain, martyrdom.

The Empowering side of this placement is in one’s recognizing their need to heal, disciplined attitudes towards self care, letting go of the past, taking appropriate responsibility, having an objective view of one’s challenges, mentoring.

Chiron in our natal charts points to where we have healing powers as the result of our own deep spiritual wounds. We may over-compensate in these areas of life. Chiron, as a wounded healer, first must face issues of low self-worth and feelings of inadequacy and learn to rise above these issues. Because the wound goes deep, and we may work hard to overcome the wound making our healing powers very potent in that area.

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New Moon in Libra – Thurs Oct 19, 2017

Remember to write down your 10 wishes today or tomorrow……..planting the seeds at the New Moon………..

The New Moon enters the sign of Libra on Thursday, October 19, 2017. We have the opportunity to assess the last ten months and to implement our game plan for the next three years….. it’s really more like one and a half – but it could be as much as three. We’ve learned and experienced a lot since Pluto arrived in Capricorn in 2008. We’ve learned even more from the Cardinal Crosses of 2010 and the seemingly endless T squares that have marked the last 10 years. It’s time to put that information to work.

The emphasis has been on change and transformation. Tonight the New Moon, along with the Sun (which is also in Libra) opposes Uranus (the change-bringer) in Aries. If there was ever a time to look seriously and with a practical eye to the FUTURE (Uranus – ruler of Aquarius)… Well – Tonight’s the Night.

Libra is the first sign that deals specifically with relationship. All relationship – friendship, business associates, partners, rivals, open enemies, lovers, and spouses. It’s not just about romantic relationship. It is how we relate to “the other”. Uranus loves change. He is the higher octave of Mercury, daring to scout and to soar ahead to unknown territory, always with the intention of pushing humanity and all beings forward. Uranus is unsullied genius, pure inspiration, and innovation. In Aries he speaks to our process of individuation and our decision to incarnate this lifetime in order to fulfill our soul’s desire.

This is the energy we must use now. Uranus is currently retrograde. He is showing us our past, where we’ve been for the last decade – how it’s been and why it’s been that way – what was good and what simply doesn’t work now. It’s a kindness really – although it probably doesn’t feel that way. Libra has trouble deciding. It’s hard work to weigh and balance all that information. But it must be done.

Uranus knows that we have suffered pain and loss to achieve this point in time. “We are exhausted. We want to rest. Do we really have to bear down and push through again? It feels like I just did that! How much do I have to lose/surrender before I can break through?” These are things you might be saying and hearing from those around you…….

Fear of loss and forward movement with stall your transformation permanently. Investigate the energies of 2010 – 2017. What is true now that was not true then? The New Moon sextiles Saturn at 23 Sagittarius as he heads toward the Galactic Center. Use this time as an opportunity to reconcile the past, acknowledge and grieve your losses, and to propel yourself forward to the transformations ahead.

Jupiter moved into Scorpio on October 10, 2017. Jupiter is always in an expansive mood and heaven only knows what he’ll get up to in Scorpio (deep secrets)… Think of where you want to be. Ask and pray for what you want. But most of all, take action. You must take action! Jupiter will promote growth through revelation and transformation while in Scorpio.

This New Moon is a promise you make to yourself. Major changes can happen between now and the next New Moon on November 18. The veil between the worlds is thinning as we approach Samhain/Halloween. All things are possible at this darkest time of the year. Change is happening very quickly. Believe in what you know in your heart. Be true to that and nothing will ever really go wrong.

Credit to Home Planet Astrology

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