Astro update for the week of Sept 24, 2017

Mercury, Mars & Venus Opposite Neptune at 12° Virgo

The 12th degree of Pisces (where Neptune currently resides) and according to the Sabian Symbols, is a degree of qualification… the qualification of accomplishment… the accomplishment of being oneself — honestly, truly, genuinely.

Neptune represents many things – one of which being spirituality. Not unlike the boundarylessness of Neptune, spirituality affects and permeates many areas of one’s life, motivations, and emotionality. Furthermore, one of the many dichotomies between Virgo and Pisces exhibits a thorough connection between both spirituality and the selfless duty of ritual, in the effort to devote oneself to the practice of spiritual identity which, in direct reciprocation, processes the deeper, hidden meanings within one’s private psyche.

Naturally, there’s an urgency to share, to act, and to feel your way through these foggy feelings…

Last Tuesday Mercury opposed Neptune from 12° Virgo, Mars opposes Neptune exactly today, again from 12° Virgo, and Venus will follow, on this upcoming Friday night, from, you’ve guessed it— the 12th degree of Virgo.

This degree grants an invitation to embrace yourself and your spiritual motivations— honestly, truly, genuinely.

Mercury, Mars, and Venus touching upon this degree opposite Neptune triggers the depth of your truest colors… and the passions and motivations you navigate through and by these vividly dreamy colors, inviting an exposure of your colors. Any attempt to hide who you are, pretending to be someone or something you’re not, or otherwise avoiding your self will inevitably provide you with much unease, complication, and even dis-ease.

However, Neptune adds a smidge of confusion as to how to go about all of these very important and spiritual motivations.

When Mercury initiated this theme on Sept 19, much of your focus and your general well-being, within a daily routine, may have become distracted, disillusioned, or daunted by dreamy or indistinguishable dilemmas…. It’s often difficult to make or keep commitments when Mercury opposes Neptune, much less make sense of anything clearly. Also, what you say and share alike may become exaggerated or blurred, just as the information you take in can be just as exaggerated, disproportionate, blurred, or simply untrue. Hermes, our winged messenger, is still expected to deliver the message, regardless of the fog permeating all visability. Figuratively and literally.

This said, your understanding— through this previous week— of anything, much less the vital details regarding your truest motivations, were likely misconstrued, by others or through your own words, or hard to pinpoint or distinguish between your own or other’s projections or your own self-critical and defeating behaviors. And this theme blurred through the week…

Today, Mars follows closely behind Mercury’s lead, passing through the 12th degree, the Virgoan energy insisting you charge forward with planning out the details, the angles, all perspectives, and all delegations while Neptune halts all of this aggression in a most nonsensical and sacrificing ways.

When Mars, the god of war and aggression meets up with Neptune, the god of disillusionment, dreams, and dissolution… the outcome could be a frustrating failure, the holiest of disappointments, actions and ambitions born from impotence or struggle, or dangerously violent, intoxicated or otherwise foggied and pathetic attempts to play with courageousness or masculinity.

Mars is narcissistic, nervy, and nimbly noble while Neptune is mystical, magical, and musical. How could anyone make sense of this nonsense?! With Mars opposing Neptune, we have, yet again, a weakened, impotent, and struggling soldier in need of respite and recovery, addicted to pain killers and traumatized by what he’s seen in battle… figuratively, and possibly literally.

The soldier feels compelled to continue fighting, but this is, at this time, a severe impossibility. You may need to sit this one out for a time, gather your strength, your true courage, or even your health, as the celestial forecast calls for a much needed break before venturing forward any further… perhaps because of the fog, or all the distracting details in between?

Finally, Venus will pass through this degree on Friday, and it may be possible at that time to venture forward, only if you’ve regained a clarity of heart, mind, and soul. Again, any attempt to hide who you are, pretending to be someone or something you’re not, or otherwise avoiding your self— your truth and your genuine intentions— will inevitably provide you with much unease, complication, and physical imbalance (sickness).

This degree grants an invitation to embrace yourself and your spiritual motivations— honestly, truly, genuinely. And it is through Venus that you should be able to see through any hidden motivations, ill intentions, or deceptive details, aiding in your honor, and easing your transition in following your spiritual qualifications.

Still, your motivations may actually stir you on quite the detour, both literally and figuratively, especially if you’re expecting, well— anything in determined detail… you know what they say, expectation only invites disappointment.

An opposition to Neptune by Venus also invites a heightened sensitivity, both toward yourself as well as what others do and say. This said, it’s also more likely to deceive or be deceived now, by your own motivations, through what drives you, or simply from matters that don’t even mean anything to you. Furthermore, try to allow, selflessly, the deception or distraction of others— and trust that their true colors, just the same, will shine brightly, in time… Just stay true to yourself. That’s all you can really do.

Credit to Jamie James —Astrological Guidance

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