Jupiter and Venus in Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio (Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 7, 2018)
Venus in Scorpio (Nov 7, 2017 – Nov 30, 2017)

Jupiter/ Mars in Scorpio conjunction (Dec 24, 2017 – exact Jan 5, 2018 – separating Jan 19, 2018
Mars in Scorpio (Dec 9, 2017 – Jan 25, 2018)

On Nov 12th, Venus and Jupiter will form an exact conjunction in Scorpio in the sky. As this is a particularly noteworthy conjunction due to their unusual closeness, it’s well worth having a look at them in the night/morning sky.

When planets come together, their energies blend. In this case the expansive, enhancing energy of Jupiter, will blend with our values, including our inner values and what we value in relationships. As it’s in the sign of Scorpio, the blending enhances the aspects of life that are most intense, passionate, full of depth and hidden. Mythologically we are in the underworld. Psychologically, this describes the personal and collective unconscious and particularly our shadow.

The coming together of Jupiter and Venus is often regarded as a ‘positive’ transit, as Jupiter is traditionally regarded as ‘the great benefic’. However, it’s helpful to keep in mind that expansion is not always easy, particularly when what is being expanded, is the shadow areas of our value system and how we live this out through our relationships. The Scorpionic arena of relationships at its most expansive includes: passion, loyalty, sexual intensity, honesty and commitment. At its most limited it can be expressed through: power struggles, control, abuse, fear and betrayal.

For anyone with strong Scorpio in your natal chart (Sun in Scorpio, Sun/Pluto, 8th house Sun, Scorpio Ascendant, Moon in Scorpio, Moon/Pluto, Venus in Scorpio, Venus/Pluto, Mars in Scorpio or Mars/Pluto), life and relationships involve a constant choice re how to express the powerful energies mentioned above. Whether they are expressed at their most limited, or their most expansive, depends on many factors. The most important factor, is the level of consciousness of your own feelings and behavior and how much healing has taken place from past events that influenced you over your lifetime. As we all know well, whatever has been repressed and suppressed into the shadow, tends to come flying up in close relationships. All of this is likely to be strongly triggered with the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. The more conscious we are of our relationship patterns, the less surprising some of the revelations are likely to be.

Although this transit is likely to be particularly powerful in your relationships if you have any of the above configurations in your natal or midpoint composite chart, it will no doubt affect everyone, as dealing with our shadow is a lifetime task for us all. For more information, take a look at where this conjunction lands in your personal and in your midpoint composite chart.

The following exercise may be of help at this time:

Light a candle in a quiet and private space that you have already cleared with Sage and put some relaxing music on in the background. Either lying or sitting, consider the following questions. It may be helpful to take some notes of your answers either on paper or on a recorder/phone when you feel ready to do so:

1. What is my pattern in relationships re loyalty and betrayal? Do I tend to betray or do I often feel betrayed?

2. Similarly with power. Do I feel a need to have power in a relationship? How does this play out? What is my need for power based on? Where do I feel vulnerable? Do I often feel powerless in close relationships? Where and why am I not owning my power?

3. Do I truly want close emotional and sexual intimacy? If so, have I created it in relationships? If not, what are the obstacles and fears within myself?

4. What are three core values that matter the most for me in all my relationships and particularly in sexually intimate relationships? Are these still valid right now? If not – what changes would I like to make? How might my relationships be different with these changes?

Article credit to Relationships and Astrology

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