Looking at Mercury Retrograde time (stationing Dec 3) with different eyes……..

Do you find yourself breaking out in a sweat with the mention of “Mercury Retrograde time”? Are you anxious over making the wrong choice when having to make a decision? Afraid to travel? Make a major purchase?? Or, are you confused by the whole thing?

It’s not that Mercury Retrograde isn’t a thing….. it’s definitely a thing. I am sure you have some story around a Mercury Retrograde that is used as a reason for why one should be cautious — and often for good reason.

But what if we created a new consciousness perspective around Mercury Retrograde time….not to deny that things get a little screwy with everything that’s under Mercury’s rule like travel, communication, electronics, rational thought. A retrograde is a state change. A planet, which has previously expressed its energy as active, is now in a receptive position. Yang becomes yin.

Mercury represents choice….and Mercury traveling in the active state (Yang) helps us gather information and have new experiences that then informs our choices. When retrograde (Yin), Mercury now takes in and sorts through the information and ideas it has gathered. Because retrogrades speak to some sort of karmic process, we’re also taking a second look at our choices… how they’ve manifested…and the different avenues we could or should take instead.

When Mercury is in retrograde, we’re not supposed to blindly move forward and take in new experiences. We’re supposed to reflect, rework and allow our choices to inform our consciousness. When Mercury is retrograde, we have to face the unconsciousness of our choices. We may relive old events and old themes. People from the past resurface. Maybe the traffic is delayed because we’re meant to explore a new way home literally and metaphorically.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to forge a new path and get a new perspective. Do I hear you say…”how do I forge something new in a retrograde period”? Well, we are not actually starting anything new….we are taking the information and experiences we have and turning it into something different. Think of it as a time of alchemy…turning a situation/thought process into something new. Retrogrades are a state change.

Make the time during these next few weeks to look at your choices differently. Yes, it’s generally considered not the best to sign a contract, buy a car, or do something big during Mercury Retrograde. But there are times that life can’t wait for us. If you have to move forward, examine your unconscious motivations. What are your blind spots? Where do you not have all the information? Where do you need to do more research?

So…take a deep breath and allow yourself to be energetically receptive. Get a new perspective. Oh, and back up your computer files, too.

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