Mars in Scorpio – Dec 9, 2017 – Jan 26, 2018

Mars is very at home in Scorpio (the ruler of Mars). Scorpio is a Fixed water sign and is about getting to the bottom of things so they can be completely transformed… while action oriented Mars is great at stimulating and provoking change.

Tenacity is common with motivated Mars in this Fixed sign, and there’s a greater ability to persevere and work through difficult challenges during this transit. It has been said that Mars in Scorpio doesn’t like doing things the easy way.

Mars in Scorpio is intense, forceful, strong willed, with strong drives and ambitions. This is a time when any repressed anger can lead one to get super aggressive, destructive or dangerous. In relationships the suppressed anger and desires can have one be extra possessive, jealous, controlling and obsessive.

The drive to change something in our lives through sheer willpower will be quite available during this transit. Mars in Scorpio is never afraid to explore the darker, more vulnerable side of life. In fact, this is where Mars in Scorpio thrives. That’s why this transit may prompt us to do some psychological self-examination – giving us insight that sets the stage for a major transformation. Be selective in which walls you want to tear down however. Focus your energy on projects that redirect your passions and intensity into constructive and positive ways.

Mars in Scorpio helps us develop our personal power. Use this time to master the shadow parts of ourselves (bitterness, inability to forgive, revenge) with discipline, courage and willpower.

Individuals that have Mars in Scorpio as a placement in their natal chart…. if they allow themselves the time and space to express and release the constant anger in healthy ways, they can be the most passionate and emotionally rewarding human beings to be around as their emotions are so powerfully raw, true and felt in every cell of their being…. they will empower you and inspire you at a core level. They will penetrate and transform anything they set their intention on… they also become a powerful driven force capable of attaining the unimaginable. They are loyal in love and crave a deep connection with a partner they can trust.

Mars is about forward momentum and Scorpio is about emotions….so if you have this natally, it means your attitudes and actions are intense, powerful and willful….you are capable of great endurance. You can dust yourself off no matter how many times life knocks you down. If you sense someone is being dishonest, you will investigate until you find out what’s really going on. You are inclined to explore the depths of your own emotions, seeking to understand yourself in ways you didn’t before. This is what makes Mars in Scorpio a great placement for growth and transformation…….to have the willingness to “go there”.

Mars meeting up with the other planets –

From December 16, 2017 Mars will be moving into contact with Jupiter (expansion) (exact Jan 7, 2018) and will be active until Jan 26, 2018. Exaggeration can be a tendency when Mars in Scorpio is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio – and can make this behavior much too strong. All our emotions will become very strong and, occasionally, overwhelming. This goes both for positive and negative emotions. Our passions, erotic or not, will follow the same pattern. For example… are you passionate about your work, or a hobby? This is a time you can become very creative….however, do try to avoid behaviors of obsession – use that willpower!

On Dec 22, 2017 Mars will move into aspect with Pluto (will be exact Jan 8, 2018) and active until Jan 26, 2018. This is hot blooded, big and powerful, risk taking, transformative, aggressive energy….think power struggles and deep passions as expressions of this energy (yours/others). If we choose to ignore or suppress this demanding energy, a sense of depression, lack of creativity, pessimism or a general lack of energy and enthusiasm can be a result.

Exercising and physical movement are a great way to use this energy to express itself. Try to avoid “pushing the envelope” and get your doctors advice before engaging in such activities.

Accidents are prone to happen due to doing things in haste…. especially when Mars is stressed by the Moon

(Dec 12, 2017, Dec 18, (Dec 19, 2017 – the Moon is in aspect to Pluto) Dec 24, Dec 25, 2017 (the Moon forms a T square with the Nodes)(Dec 28, 2017 – Moon opposite Mars square the Nodes) Dec 30, 2018 (Jan 4, 2018 Moon square Mars), (Jan 11, 2018 Moon conjunct Mars). The Moon moves fairly quickly in a day, so these are not long term connections.

So, be extra careful. Even more so, if you choose to do the high-risk kind of activities….which can become very seductive during Mars’ stay in Scorpio ….. definitely do so mindfully. Both Pluto’s and Jupiter’s influence add to the intensity and expansiveness of this energy.

Pluto has already started influencing Scorpio through its positioning with Jupiter (which is also in Scorpio) and will continue doing so until November, 2018.

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