Thursday 14 December 2017

This is from one of my favorite astrologers….Hare in the Moon astrology

““At critical junctures, outer trouble and the inner need to grow conspire to set each of us on a path of awakening and initiation.”
Michael Meade.

We are in the belly of a kairotic Transition – a rare and karmic incubation from one way of being to another- and as such it cannot be be approached as is the norm in our over culture which is by ignoring what is gestating at soulful level and trying to jump straight from Now into the imagined “improved” reality.

This frequency shift from 3D to wherever, reading Facebook posts about “taking back your power” or “moving out of victim mode” as you have thousands of times before then “liking” them because it appeals to the need to feel special without actually changing,is a dead end. It is just another go-around of working on yourself by using willpower to get to somewhere new/different/more exciting than here and now. It is a deadly psychic shortcut avoidance of the alchemy that needs to incubate in the dark to carry you across from personality level living to your emerging higher time-line.

The single most radical decision to make now is refusing 3D ways of operating – not swallowing the bait of making New Year’s resolutions or buying into programs to reset you for 2018, or calibrating your 12th DNA strand (!)- and instead tracking your unique emergence as it is happening.

This instantly pulls your attention straight back to the power and potential of Saturn on the Master degree of Sagittarius, on Mondays New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center, quietening you down to use your wolf ears and senses to attune to Mercury’s data retrieval and instructions for your journey. To mark out step by step a trajectory you will only understand when enough time has passed to join up the dots.

This is the Dream Time, the dark of the birth passage, the moment to journal and to listen to your night dreams for clues to future creations.

This is the Becoming – the time of embodiment-a growing down into a reality fueled by Source not just the spinning wheels of your human will power.

This is a Gateway aligning you to your High heart, your crystalline DNA and switching up your time-lines, your bandwidths of experience. Don’t even try to shape it to your 3D desires- the ongoing fallout from August’s doozy of an Eclipse will be amplified by its mirror image Eclipse on February 15th.

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