New Moon in Sagittarius 26° – Dec 18

The Sagittarius New Moon wraps up the Moon events of 2017. The New Moon has its own form of angst even though there are not a lot of challenging aspects in this chart. The Sagittarius stellium of planets is ever so loosely tied into Mercury’s retrograde motion. Mercury finished up an out of bounds transit on December 7. Venus will begin an out of bounds transit on December 21.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We may not actually change our minds about anything. It is about taking stock of our value system to recognize why we believe, what we believe. In the process, we may feel a bit unnerved. The stellium is trine to Uranus retrograde in Aries. A perspective of shock and awe is not going to be helpful. The stellium is also square to Chiron in Pisces. Stories are likely to be revealed that force us to see events in a new light. This may not be the right time to unravel the story, but simply to listen and be present in the moment. Find value within the message.

Mercury will station for the direct motion on December 22/23. Mercury is square to Neptune in Pisces, adding to some feelings of disappointment in something we said or did. It is time to reconsider our reasonings. When Mercury switches direction, we can start to mend some of the errors. For the most part, January and February will be retrograde-free of all planets, giving us breathing room to adapt to the many transitions that have recently occurred.

Jupiter in Scorpio is trine to Neptune in Pisces, and sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. We may not like the gifts we receive from Neptune and Pluto, since they are not typically happy go lucky influences. On the positive side, we may be able to hone our talents in a way that develops our patience and empathy for others. As we look inward at our own opinions, it is important to factor who our opinions impact, and how our opinions impact everyone. Our judgment tends to polarize while our discernment tends to build connections. Try to settle on the side of discerning at this time.

Saturn moves into Capricorn (minus a short period in Aquarius) until, basically, December 2020. The taskmaster is going to force us to take some responsibility involving our reputation, our perspective on authority and our attitudes about businesses and corporations. Take notes, because the sooner we figure out what’s truly important, the easier it becomes to navigate the lessons.

Currently, while Saturn is transiting at a high declination (not quite out of bounds), it is also sitting on the edge of Sagittarius in preparation for the transit into Capricorn. It might feel like a tortured stint on a very narrow balance beam. A few questions to ask ourselves. What have we learned while Saturn has transited Sagittarius? What important lessons do we carry with us, into 2018? Are we more self-sufficient? Are we more satisfied with our choices? Are we expecting too much from others? Take the improvements with us as Saturn moves into Capricorn, and let go of the regrets, at this time.

Although this New Moon chart has firm-footing in both receptives, there is an over-abundance of Fire elements and mutable qualities that have us just a bit too impulsive for our own good. Our “hunches” may be flawed. Rather than attempting to push our agenda during this New Moon, we would be better served by being assertively reflective and not assertively reactive. On the other hand, being adaptive within the mutable influence, does not require us to change our position. It entails our ability to be willing to listen without jumping to conclusions. We want to make quick decisions, but we really won’t need to, if we keep our opinions to ourselves when others share theirs.

By Lunar Living Astrology

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