January 2, 2018

“What if desire wasn’t an urge to be tamed, but a beacon of truth to be followed?
Danielle LaPorte.

If the most potent Super Moon of 2018 wasn’t enough to ignite destination, today is its double whammy- zapping you straight into an eyes wide open ” wake up and smell the coffee” moment by Uranus turning direct. It’s a pivotal moment – the last conjunction with female Awakener Eris for another 100 years catalyzing a new landscape and zeitgeist primed for female power and influence.

It’s past time in 2018 to move beyond watching and witnessing – into living out your own creator potential. Channel the downloads of sudden epiphanies and insights direct from the Cloud -Uranus trine the Galactic Center- to revolutionize your world view, your belief system and your wildest desires. Overthrow the tyranny of your expired 3D Self – it’s a ghost in the machine.

So ditch your operating system for operating principles -ditch the shoulds + oughts – shatter your inner rules- drill through the compacted mud of collective norms – learn the distinction between being reactive or responsive. How ? Your infallible strategy to kick start this for real is to recognize and follow your somatic physical body signals for either a big YES or a definite NO. They are unique to you. Become fluent in in your inbuilt guidance system – what you see, feel and hear.. Recognize when you feel powerful, passionate, free, incredibly useful, excited and inspired- that’s your big Yes.

What’s the one thing that’s so attractive, so compelling, so full of potential that even the idea of it lights you up from inside?

2018- an 11 Year of Personal Mastery- is going to be a crash course on how to ignite the catalytic engine of the Attractor Field to access your infinite creative potential – in real time.

In 2018 self-agency is the existential driver.Yes…Matter meets Mystery and it turns out to be you!

Credit- Hare in the Moon astrology

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