Moon Phases

Void-of-course Moon

A Void-of-course Moon (VOC) is when the Moon reaches near the end degrees of the zodiac sign that it has been traveling through. From the time it makes its last aspect or energy connection with another planet is when the void-of-course motion begins. This period of time is when you may feel confused or not sure of what direction to go. This void-of-course period can create unexpected results. You may experience delays and frustrations. During this period of time it is best to avoid making decisions. It will be much easier to just go with the flow of what is around you. If you can avoid shopping, signing contracts or making important decisions during this time as you will avoid difficulties later on. You will discover that this time period is best for subjective, non-materialistic avenues of involvement and you may feel much more at ease after having this time to ponder and reflect on important decisions that you may need to make.

A very good way to describe the Moon void of course is that the Moon is on a “break”. As the Moon does rule daily routine, if you pay close attention to this period of time you may notice how the flow of the energy shifts and changes as the Moon moves from one zodiac sign to another. People have described the shift from one zodiac sign to another as feeling like an actual shifting of gears. Much like a car, there is a period of time when the gears must move through neutral in the transition. This is very similar to what the Moon does. She has a “special time” in which she takes a nap or a lunch break before she moves on to her next job. You could also say that this is her time of nourishment or revitalizing.

If you have to date someone and don’t really want anything to come of it, start the date while the Moon is void of course. And if you break up from a personal relationship on a void of course Moon, you will probably get back together very soon. So, if you want something that you are doing to have a solid and stable outcome do not start it when the Moon is void of course. If you want to meditate or expand your mind or want to play, rest or relax, well then the void Moon is the best time for this.

There is the tendency to get “lost” during a void of course Moon. The energy is not as grounded and centered. If you are a person who is normally not as grounded and spacey, you may easily loose track of time and space.

Find the VoC times here –

The New Moon begins the Cycle. It is the birth, the beginning, the emergence of something new. This is the time to place your intention on a particular action. During this phase a seed is planted, stimulated by vision and inspiration. Time alone in meditation or visualization is of value.

The Crescent Phase (3.5 days after the New Moon) This is a time of expansion, growth, and opportunity. This is the time to investigate, research, and gather information to support the idea that was planted at the New Moon. Write an affirmation, commit to the goal, light a candle.

The First Quarter Phase (a week after the New Moon) This is the time in the cycle to take an important action necessary to proceed toward the goal. This is a time of action, growth, and expression of the direction you are moving. Contact others for assistance, help, and support. Act now.

The Gibbous Phase (2.5 days after the First Quarter) This is the time in the cycle to keep your eyes wide for adjustments that should be made as we await the full bloom of our goal. At this point it is important to continue preparations and trust the coming bloom! Rest in the wait, analyze, wait without judgement or worry. Continue to analyze and trust.

The Full Moon Phase (2 weeks after the New Moon) is the time when you are given a full view of the results of the seed that was planted at the New Moon. Here we have full illumination, full understanding of the process, and yet still the ability to make adjustments. Open your heart to the understanding of others, and the expression of what you intended at the New Moon. Allow full expression, awareness, and understanding.

The Disseminating Moon Phase (2.5 days after the Full Moon) is the time of the cycle when we see how much we have learned and are ready to share our new understanding with others. By teaching others we gain much clarity and more expansive awareness. At this time we give back to those who have supported us in the process and distribute our love and knowledge. Share with others.

The Last Quarter Moon (1 week after the Full Moon) At this phase we realign, revision, and begin the process of letting go of this portion of your goal. Here we take action to close, to complete the activities we have been involved with in this process. At this point we are able to see what has and what has not worked in our plan for this goal and this cycle. Take responsibility for what you have created.

The Balsamic Moon Phase – the Dark of the Moon (2 – 5 days after the Last Quarter Moon) Now we are brought to the ending of this cycle. It is time to begin the action of releasing, transforming, and renewing our position. Now we reflect on the passage of time and the passage of the cycle in order to prepare for the end of this cycle and the beginning of another. At this time we boil down all our understanding into the seed form that will be planted for the next cycle. It is time to let go, to trust, to prepare for the next phase that is coming. Become still.

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