Jupiter transits through Scorpio Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 8, 2018

Jupiter – the King of the Gods, the largest planet in our solar system. Everything about it is bigger than life. In our natal astrological charts, Jupiter shows where we find meaning in life, the kind of belief systems we formulate, and the pathways that will give us the abundance and opportunities to keep expanding. Known traditionally as the “greater benefic,” Jupiter’s effects are to expand our experiences, our knowledge and our understanding.

Jupiter also represents the search for truth – our own personal truth. The truth that makes sense to us, our theology, and when we find others that share that truth, our religion. Our philosophy of life. In the process of finding this truth we seek to expand the limits of our knowledge through higher education, discovery of other cultures and foreign countries, and the higher knowledge that expands our inner consciousness.

The astrological sign of Scorpio represents Truth with a capital “T” – the Truth that is gritty and real and supersedes our own ideas of what is true. Jupiter stays in a sign for about a year and has been in the sign of Libra since the fall of 2016 where it expanded cultural ideas of beauty and relationships. Jupiter will enter the deep water sign of Scorpio on October 10th 2017 and will remain there through November 8th 2018.

Scorpio is also associated with sexuality, emotional intensity, passions of all kinds, as well as the energetic undercurrents that reveal the secrets behind the areas of our lives that we usually keep hidden. Brutal honesty and direct confrontation are highlighted when dealing with the Scorpio influence – anything superficial or artificial is quickly penetrated with the Scorpionic laser eye for the Truth.

As Jupiter moves through Scorpio, we learn and understand that in order to heal, we have to cut out the fluff and focus on what really matters to us. Because Jupiter’s nature is extravagant, we must guard against “too much”. Moderation doesn’t come naturally to either Jupiter or Scorpio.

Jupiter not only likes to expand, but it also loves to learn, so when Jupiter is paired with Scorpio, we may be more interested and enthusiastic about deeper studies and meanings as well as all that is taboo, hidden or mysterious. There can be a stronger desire to solve problems and cut right to the chase.

While Jupiter is in Scorpio it will harmonize with its natural ally Neptune, facilitating the flow of consciousness expansion and increased awareness, and with Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler. Pluto helps to guide us into the Underworld where the great treasures can be found – not only the treasures of the psyche and the magic of the great philosophical mysteries, but also the very keys to unlocking the mystery of Self Knowledge. These influences will be especially strong in April-May 2018 and August-September 2018.

Scorpio is a Water sign. Water signs encompass feelings and emotions…and Jupiter in a Water sign teaches us to embrace our emotions – to understand them, go with our feelings, and express them on a social level. Jupiter in Scorpio encourages us to grow and expand emotionally and because Scorpio is focused and deep, it encourages us to develop intimacy with ourselves and others.

The higher vibration of Jupiter looks for perspective. Jupiter’s perspective isn’t a detached, analytical or detailed look at any given situation, but an overview…a look at the “big picture”. With Jupiter, ideally, we can rise above pettiness, mundane concerns and inconveniences.

Where Jupiter is currently transiting in your own chart is where you are inclined to find your “joy” at this stage of your development.This area of your life expands and improves in some manner. There is also a need for new tools to develop these areas of life. In order to develop we need to pursue our goals with confidence and optimism, without going overboard.

This can be a powerful time for healing, improving and transformation. We are not interested in band-aid fixes, and we are more willing than usual to enter into a crisis so that we can effect change. Middle of the road is no longer attractive to us at this time.

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Astro update for the week of Sept 24, 2017

Mercury, Mars & Venus Opposite Neptune at 12° Virgo

The 12th degree of Pisces (where Neptune currently resides) and according to the Sabian Symbols, is a degree of qualification… the qualification of accomplishment… the accomplishment of being oneself — honestly, truly, genuinely.

Neptune represents many things – one of which being spirituality. Not unlike the boundarylessness of Neptune, spirituality affects and permeates many areas of one’s life, motivations, and emotionality. Furthermore, one of the many dichotomies between Virgo and Pisces exhibits a thorough connection between both spirituality and the selfless duty of ritual, in the effort to devote oneself to the practice of spiritual identity which, in direct reciprocation, processes the deeper, hidden meanings within one’s private psyche.

Naturally, there’s an urgency to share, to act, and to feel your way through these foggy feelings…

Last Tuesday Mercury opposed Neptune from 12° Virgo, Mars opposes Neptune exactly today, again from 12° Virgo, and Venus will follow, on this upcoming Friday night, from, you’ve guessed it— the 12th degree of Virgo.

This degree grants an invitation to embrace yourself and your spiritual motivations— honestly, truly, genuinely.

Mercury, Mars, and Venus touching upon this degree opposite Neptune triggers the depth of your truest colors… and the passions and motivations you navigate through and by these vividly dreamy colors, inviting an exposure of your colors. Any attempt to hide who you are, pretending to be someone or something you’re not, or otherwise avoiding your self will inevitably provide you with much unease, complication, and even dis-ease.

However, Neptune adds a smidge of confusion as to how to go about all of these very important and spiritual motivations.

When Mercury initiated this theme on Sept 19, much of your focus and your general well-being, within a daily routine, may have become distracted, disillusioned, or daunted by dreamy or indistinguishable dilemmas…. It’s often difficult to make or keep commitments when Mercury opposes Neptune, much less make sense of anything clearly. Also, what you say and share alike may become exaggerated or blurred, just as the information you take in can be just as exaggerated, disproportionate, blurred, or simply untrue. Hermes, our winged messenger, is still expected to deliver the message, regardless of the fog permeating all visability. Figuratively and literally.

This said, your understanding— through this previous week— of anything, much less the vital details regarding your truest motivations, were likely misconstrued, by others or through your own words, or hard to pinpoint or distinguish between your own or other’s projections or your own self-critical and defeating behaviors. And this theme blurred through the week…

Today, Mars follows closely behind Mercury’s lead, passing through the 12th degree, the Virgoan energy insisting you charge forward with planning out the details, the angles, all perspectives, and all delegations while Neptune halts all of this aggression in a most nonsensical and sacrificing ways.

When Mars, the god of war and aggression meets up with Neptune, the god of disillusionment, dreams, and dissolution… the outcome could be a frustrating failure, the holiest of disappointments, actions and ambitions born from impotence or struggle, or dangerously violent, intoxicated or otherwise foggied and pathetic attempts to play with courageousness or masculinity.

Mars is narcissistic, nervy, and nimbly noble while Neptune is mystical, magical, and musical. How could anyone make sense of this nonsense?! With Mars opposing Neptune, we have, yet again, a weakened, impotent, and struggling soldier in need of respite and recovery, addicted to pain killers and traumatized by what he’s seen in battle… figuratively, and possibly literally.

The soldier feels compelled to continue fighting, but this is, at this time, a severe impossibility. You may need to sit this one out for a time, gather your strength, your true courage, or even your health, as the celestial forecast calls for a much needed break before venturing forward any further… perhaps because of the fog, or all the distracting details in between?

Finally, Venus will pass through this degree on Friday, and it may be possible at that time to venture forward, only if you’ve regained a clarity of heart, mind, and soul. Again, any attempt to hide who you are, pretending to be someone or something you’re not, or otherwise avoiding your self— your truth and your genuine intentions— will inevitably provide you with much unease, complication, and physical imbalance (sickness).

This degree grants an invitation to embrace yourself and your spiritual motivations— honestly, truly, genuinely. And it is through Venus that you should be able to see through any hidden motivations, ill intentions, or deceptive details, aiding in your honor, and easing your transition in following your spiritual qualifications.

Still, your motivations may actually stir you on quite the detour, both literally and figuratively, especially if you’re expecting, well— anything in determined detail… you know what they say, expectation only invites disappointment.

An opposition to Neptune by Venus also invites a heightened sensitivity, both toward yourself as well as what others do and say. This said, it’s also more likely to deceive or be deceived now, by your own motivations, through what drives you, or simply from matters that don’t even mean anything to you. Furthermore, try to allow, selflessly, the deception or distraction of others— and trust that their true colors, just the same, will shine brightly, in time… Just stay true to yourself. That’s all you can really do.

Credit to Jamie James —Astrological Guidance

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Full Moon in Pisces – Wed Sept 6

This Full Moon is just one degree off from being exactly together on the same degree with Neptune. So the couple of hours before the exact Full Moon will be very powerful for visualizations, realizations and rebirths. We are still in Eclipse energy so it’s still time to “pay attention,” and be vigilant with right action and kind clear communications.

The Full Moon is at 13 degrees Pisces which is a WATER sign. More messages from water and a revealing of where cleansing, attention and balance is needed related to water. Water is also our emotions……..a Full Moon is bringing forth our emotions…………and lots of emotional energy here! As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, we may have lots of illusion in our emotions…….we just might not be able to identify how we feel or why we feel that way…….sounds like a really fun time doesn’t it…………..

Neptune energy is empathetic, mystical, illusional, spirituality, imagination, getting lost in the clouds, shape shifting kind of energy……it’s hard to pin down and it’s hard to define…..you might find yourself more intuitive/psychic now…….or wanting to sleep or daydream more….but being an outer planet, it packs a punch and hangs around for awhile.

With Neptune together with this Full Moon, this is a fabulous time for contemplation and reflection on where we live in illusion, what are our dreams, are we looking at possibility…. and noticing when your mind wanders, where does it go? We might find ourselves in a delusion of some sort that is not doing us any real good.

Pluto is in aspect to the Full Moon and the Sun in the first few days after the Full Moon. This can bring big insights and transformation in our relationships, and into how best to move forward. Hidden truths may be revealed. Pluto helps us with understanding our motivations, increasing self knowledge, and developing wisdom.

As Mercury and Mars are snuggled up together….. this can have us fuming and wanting to unleash about something that’s been bothering us, or, we could have some brilliantly amazing realizations that clear up some issues from the past.

There are 8 stages to each 29.5 day Lunar Cycle………since the New Moon that started this cycle was a SOLAR ECLIPSE – the Full Moon on Wed Sept 6 is the Full Moon phase of the New Moon Solar Eclipse cycle. There will be some releasing energy during this phase.

This WHOLE lunar cycle is all about purification on a deep and soul level. It is a purge-like-it-or-not. And it brings out ALL THE SHADOW. This Full Moon carries all of the power, intention, purge/light, and full death/challenge/potential of an Eclipse, due to it being the fruition of the Eclipse New Moon Cycle.

Big stuff…………. great time to be a “force of communications” for forgiveness and the clearing out of misunderstandings between people in your life.

Saturn is finally moving ahead (after being retrograde for what feels like forever) …. we can now get more organized and disciplined and feel more certain about where to go from here. Thank you Saturn for giving us some grounding/stable energy to swim through this watery Full Moon with!

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Mars and Mercury……….gotta keep a watch on our words this weekend

I know I have been feeling this for the last few days……


There’s an energy in the air… Maybe a mist? Maybe a static? Maybe more of a wool blanket on the most humid or hot of all days…?

Yesterday Mercury moved back into Leo at 29° from 0° Virgo and will connect with Mars exactly, at 28° Leo on Saturday.

You may recognize this twenty-eighth degree of Leo as the degree of the recent Leo Full Moon/Eclipse…. This energy may or may not have an association with whatever matters you released, dealt with, or were rewarded with at that time. But this energy most likely will bring up the good, the bad, and the very ugly in regard to the fact that you are in control of you.

This conjunction between Mercury and Mars has two very individual perspectives, doesn’t it?— Mercury sees it from the side of how we communicate our needs and demands, and what and how we think about everything around us while Mars sees everything from a personal stance….. the ego either bruised, deflated, rendered impotent or indistinct.

What is Mercury’s perspective….

The way you think, learn, take information in of all kinds — both true, false, or glorified noise alike— and share with others the lessons and theories you learn or feel passionately about may feel, or actually be taken as, aggressive, abrasive, or somehow tainted with harassing or defensive intention now. Or, reflexively, those around you boasting theirs will feel this way to you.

What’s worst, is that when Mercury and Mars mingle, your thinking can be so very clear… your thoughts on overdrive, and your tongue quick and sharp.

When you put these two features together you likely find a result in the form of argument, defensive retaliation, speaking or acting without thinking, loss of temper or rational reasoning, and mindless, abusive choices of reaction or retaliation.

Understandably, it is not reasonable to stay indoors, far and away from others to protect yourself from the potential harshness of the shadow side of this transit, so I advise you simply in being very thoroughly aware of it… to respond with reason and careful consideration of the aftermath and consequence, to think before speaking or reacting… and to not “jump to” for a measly moment of insult…. especially, from Mercury’s version, by saying something that you cannot take back. Choose your battles carefully.

This said, Mercury does rule over transportation of all kinds, so do be mindful and careful in transit from here to there. Be mindful, and also patient, with/of those around you.

You (or those around you) may shout proclamations, declarations, authoritative announcements, or even threats and these may or may not grow beyond this transit by degree. You (or those around you) may be feeling somewhat untouchable, invincible, and insanely righteous or unrealistically empowered… be patient. Realize that this, too, will pass… and again, choose your battles and remember that words cannot be taken back.

It is important to call out the truth in current reality in regard to YOUR OWN faults and strengths.. but to blame others for yours, or even for theirs, is not necessary, or even helpful now, if ever. Ultimately, this can only create issue where there really may have been none, but now there is, one that cannot be taken back.

Whatever sense of control you may think you need right now— and is likely quite reasonable as we tend to respond defensively when feeling threatened— hold control over yourself. That’s it- your own thoughts, tongue, and tendency to react. You’ll learn more lessons through this transit in this way, even when faced with that which you cannot control.

From today until the end of the weekend, Mercury will also dance with Uranus, adding even more excitement and potential disruption and rebellion to the already overwhelmed activity of potential recklessness and chaos.

Again, be in control of you. Take the wool away from your eyes. And be mindful and patient of others who remain unaware of the current reality around and within themselves.

Credit to Jamie James

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – time to charge your crystals!

Just a heads up…………..the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is happening Aug 7, 2017 at 11:11am…………very auspicious time don’t ya think???

If you have any crystals, a New/Full Moon is the best time to clear and reset your crystals………..and with a Lunar/Solar Eclipse this month it makes it even that much more fantastic………….and we have the Lion’s Gate portal opening on Aug 8 (a day after the Lunar Eclipse)…..wow………lot’s of energetic transfers/downloads in the coming up days………

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse – Aug 7 11:11am PDT

New Moon/Solar Eclipse – Aug 21 11:13am PDT

You can lay your crystals out on a window ledge, on a table outside, etc………I plan on putting mine out tonight and tomorrow night. Be mindful of what crystals might be sensitive to sunlight though……..not all crystals can do direct sunlight well. If in doubt, just put them out in the evening.

For those of you who work with flower essences, it would be great to make up special Eclipse blends to work with. This Solar Eclipse will be moving from the west coast across to the east coast (right across our country)……the last time this happened was 99 years ago. It’s a big deal!

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All the Outer Planets are retrograde now…..

The Sun is now in its most distant proximity to all outer planets beyond Jupiter. From here on earth, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus (including Chiron and Eris) all appear to be moving in retrograde. These are the gods of karma, healing, disruption, spiritualization and transformation…all working to take us back into the recent events of our lives for some ‘inner workshop activity’.

Essentially, these energies will focus on areas in our lives where we have had to make phenomenal shifts in our awareness.

We have no option but to do the necessary work on our inner landscape now. We must go bravely look within and carefully review, reappraise, release, reconstruct and rebirth the previously unfathomable aspects of our psyche. As uncomfortable and often painful as this process is, we have no option but to revisit recent critical events, sit with them until we understand the nature of their crises upon our lives, and hopefully, as each planet turns direct over the next 6 months, make the peace and walk away with a sense of closure.

Uranus now joins the retrograde fold (until January ’18), forcing us to look at where we have felt most constrained and claustrophobic and how we have tended to abruptly bust out of our perceived cage. Was it necessary to smash everything and run, or could we have perhaps executed our break for freedom in ways that made more sense, especially for those who did not see any bizarre behavior coming.

As Uranus retrograde holds a tight aspect to Neptune retrograde (Aug-Sep) there can be some confusion or deception about why it is that our activity has been so disruptive and unsettling during the first half of this year. It may not be entirely obvious for months, perhaps years, but we are subliminally sabotaging our reality – defiantly undermining it so that it doesn’t ever hope to confine or constrict our spirit from going to places that are genuinely soothing and liberating to our soul.

Caution to stay grounded in our backtracking through this very murky, seemingly inexplicable passage of recent events. There are no shortcuts or bypasses to doing the real spirit work.

Credit to Ang Stoic Astrology of Now

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Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon in Aquarius) – Monday Aug 7

We are entering a very potent Eclipse window, and for many of us there have been telling signs of its power and influence. If not personally, you undoubtedly are already seeing and feeling it in the world around you.

A Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius on Monday, Aug 7 will definitely be exposing you to an alternative reality that you had not seen prior…offering an emotional objectivity in regard to changes you need to see happen in your life. In some cases, it can present you with a portal path and a deeper way into you.

This Full Moon is a partial Eclipse but it leads you down a two week path that lands on a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on Monday, August 21, although the entire month is highly charged. While the Full Moon will activate emotions that you didn’t expect, it will reveal what has been living dormant beneath the surface.

An Eclipse refers to the element of ‘surprise’, in essence it will have a way of waking you up, shaking things up, as it has been commonly known to trigger sudden endings as well as promising new beginnings, ultimately serving to be a catalyst for your own Soul’s evolution.

A key to your own awakening will present itself. It will be up to you to enter the emotional door, even if you have no ideas where it leads!

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Mercury enters retrograde shadow phase……July 24

We have entered the Mercury retrograde shadow phase today July 24, 2017…….

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo so when Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Virgo the effects will be felt more. You might get into unwanted troubles or arguments. Career would meet with lot of impediments. Communications would go out of control, you are best advised to stay calm and not to react to situations.

Mercury retrograde starts on August 12 at 11° Virgo and ends on September 5 at 28° Leo

This Mercury retrograde cycle is a particularly powerful and significant one that could lead to changes in your love life or finances. Fear, insecurity, suspicion, lying, deception, fraud and adultery are some of the issues that may arise with this Mercury retrograde. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you can expect to be thinking or talking about matters of love and trust.

Even if you experience disappointment and sadness during this Mercury retrograde, you can look forward to exciting opportunities to improve your love life or finances.

The Mercury retrograde phase is just one part of the Mercury retrograde cycle. The whole cycle includes Mercury going direct, retrograde, and direct again over the same degrees, or the retrograde zone. The two direct phases are called the shadow periods.

Mercury retrograde is associated with communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. There is a feel of a difficult Mercury–Saturn aspect about Mercury retrograde. You can also expect to dwell on things, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past. While the Mercury retrograde period may be good for flicking through old photo albums, it is generally considered more of a nuisance than a benefit.

Mercury retrograde can play havoc with your thoughts, communications, travels and electronics. Take extra care with your words and try not to react too quickly in any arguments or if provoked. Take some time out if you start to feel overwhelmed by the hectic pace. Double-check all of your emails and posts on Facebook before hitting the send button.

Business negotiations will be in a state of flux during Mercury retrograde so avoid signing contracts. Some important details will not yet be available, and other parties may not be reliable or honest. If going on a road trip then make sure you get your car serviced beforehand.

The riskiest times for decision-making, negotiations, communication and transport are the few days either side of the exact retrograde and direct stations. However, care should still be taken during the retrograde period.

Mistrust, deception and confusion will continue for the three weeks of Mercury retrograde, being worst for a few days around the retrograde station on August 12. At the beginning when Mercury entered the retrograde zone, there was good news and bad news. Bright ideas and positive change from Mercury trine Uranus, then love and money troubles caused by of Venus opposite Saturn.

Love and affection from Venus, then mistrust and fear caused by Mercury opposite Neptune. Sometimes no amount of love will save a relationship poisoned by cheating and lies. Continuing suspicion and mistrust can make reconciliation impossible.

Mercury sextile Venus brings loving words and compromise. This peaceful and harmonious influence will help reduce the stress and tension caused by Mercury retrograde opposite Neptune. Unconditional love and affection can prevail over secrecy and dishonesty. A good head for numbers and clever negotiating skills will help with strained finances.

Venus trine Neptune allows for compassion, empathy and forgiveness for minor indiscretions. A more idealized and spiritual view of love can make you feel sensual and dreamy but also leave you vulnerable. Don’t let your loving kindness be mistaken for weakness. Honest admissions may lead to forgiveness but over idealizing your partner is possible with these soft Venus aspects.

You can conquer Neptune deception with Venus honest and open communication of unconditional love. There is a lot to conquer with Mercury retrograde causing confusion and misconception. Mercury stations retrograde on a selfish and depressing fixed star point… and with the opposition of Neptune.. add lies and deception.

Mercury Stations Direct September 5, 2017 at 28°25′ Leo

This second shadow period lasts for two weeks until Mercury leaves the retrograde zone on September 19. Solutions to your love and money problems can now be worked on. You can work very hard indeed with Mercury conjunct Mars giving focused and acute thinking. However, aggressive or defensive thinking can bring nasty words, arguments, outbursts of temper and impulsive actions. You will not have the patience for anymore excuses.

Mercury stations direct on the same degree as the August 21 Solar Eclipse. This gives more importance to Mercury retrograde 2017 as a whole, not only the direct station. The Solar Eclipse is already bringing bold, confident changes leading to long-term success. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you wish for.

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The Sacred Union

This is a fantastic article by Ang Stoic…..

The Sacred Union

The true ‘sacred union‘ can only exist between two people. It forms to facilitate completion within any individual through a process of healing and regeneration that two partners may undertake together.

Where there can exist an immediacy in honest, clear communication, a deep physical attraction and a capacity to maintain personal boundaries, then the sacred process can begin.

Since every individual is a soul which takes embodiment in this world in order to grow and learn, the mutual growth of one another undertaken by souls as part of their love is, indeed, a soul relationship, generally agreed upon prior to coming into embodiment.

This is not to be mistaken with the ‘karmic’ relationship, one that is characterized strongly by the emotional entanglements that it tends to lend itself to. Often, the negative emotional patterns played out between two partners generates an ongoing friction and discord when acted out unconsciously (where little of the soul of either participant being in view). In the ‘sacred union’, it is primarily the positive qualities of the soul – those inner qualities of being, that seek and find expression in and through the relationship.

Through this soul-guided form of relationship between two people develops a gentle, loving process of purposeful purification through exercising forgiveness, kindness and compassion towards one another.

This process of purification can be of tremendous help to couples if they share in it together. It is in their unconditional opening that they can both be conscious of the unhealed patterns which they carry and can help each other find alternative ways of dealing with these patterns, other than acting them out.

Open verbal and emotional communication, meditation, and gentle explorative love-making are essential parts of this purification, and so, it is not a matter of just seeking psychological alternatives as the primary means to healing, but of calling upon the higher Self to assist with the lower, as well as calling upon the Universal Self to assist with all.

Our devotion to the greater intent of the universe, and a desire to align one’s personality with the higher Self is necessary in both partners to acknowledge and to form a sacred union. This intention is ultimately the key that will liberate both from embeddedness in the karmic issues of their past.

We are ready to embrace the next level of our evolutionary process together through our relationships…

It is important to choose a partner who is at a similar level of the soul development. If a lack of wholeness in the other starts to become apparent as the relationship progresses, then the commitment of the two souls to living out their truth, especially of who they are to each other can become seriously tested. Difficulties that were either unseen or overlooked at the beginning start to really wear the relationship down.

Over the past 3 years, with Pluto becoming so intensely zapped and accelerated by no less than seven exposing squares by Uranus, any such occurring difficulties that were based on damaged or unhealed portions of one or the other’s personality have not only loomed large in interpersonal affairs but have managed to surface quicker and quicker with every fresh attempt to form a new bond, escalating now to this extreme level of immediate doubt and turmoil in any relationship instantly deemed as being karmic.

The current prevailing standard has become one where if partners in any marriage (or its contemporary equivalent) are not functioning on a soul level, or are not interested in raising their vibration to that level, then they risk missing out on the great learning and joy that could take place.

Of course, individuals might choose to explore their own souls (and that of the universal soul) separately, or prefer to dance from partner to partner more freely in more non-committed relationship models (such as the notoriously vague and ill-defined “open-relationship’), but this ultimately does not allow them to form the intensity of the arena provided by the ‘sacred union’. Only here can both souls learn more about themselves and about their relationship with the universe than they could separately. They would learn this together, since they would foster this learning in each other.

This has not been the case leading up to recent times. Most couples did not come together to know each other at their soul level, and also failed to make their commitment of service to the greater Spirit as part of their union. Most get together for immediate gratification, comfort or security. Unable to take seriously the sacredness or the profound nature of such a commitment, contemporary unions became increasingly based on secular rather than sacred grounds, only demonstrating humanity’s lack of awareness regarding its own identity.

This has contributed to the deterioration of many marriages and relationships, which by the end of 2015 were clearly marked by their dependence upon satisfying a more superficial part of the self, rather than a deeper part.

Those who are still oblivious to their soul nature, still acting from a place of deep unconsciousness, never questioning themselves or the source of their motives will similarly be unconscious about who they attract into their lives or why. They attach based purely on external needs and come to love the exterior of the other person, and come to base their love on those conditions, which in time become expectations. Since the exterior world is always prone to change and loss, expectations sooner or later turn into disappointment. Disappointment leads to pain.

If we simply observe the escalating rate of separation and divorce in our contemporary society, as well as the high turnover in new affairs between partners today, we can see that the jolting effects of the Uranus/Pluto square have taken their severe toll on our unconsciousness over the past 3-4 years.

Pluto, ruler of the underworld has complete claim over the dead, including those living dead – those living amongst us that are still bound to contracts to which they adhere mindlessly, whether they be cultural or ingrained deeply into family bloodline dynasties. Pluto still beats the drum that creates the slow, unconscious frequency of our karmic beat. Uranus, ruler of the bright blue skies has rained a torrential cavalcade of lightning bolts upon our zombie asses over these past years. The living dead have copped a fair flourish of rude awakenings.

Much has come into our waking presence here, shedding glimpses that we have all but lost touch with the sacred, and come to suspect that we are largely slave to the enormous pull and manipulation of our exterior, secular dependencies, attachments and addictions.

The sacred union will only claim its resurgence here, in our midst, when decisions about forming marriage are based on a deeper, more intrinsic understanding of the spiritual nature of such a union, and also on a more genuine understanding of who it is that one is marrying. Until then, the confusion, the pain, and the challenging dramas that many couples experience is likely to continue, with separation and divorce appearing to be the only solution to remedy the problem of pain.

Venus, goddess of love and attraction currently makes a square to Neptune, creating some difficulties in the expressing of emotions, creativity and affections towards others. Part of this difficulty arises from an extreme sensitivity of feelings which cannot be easily integrated in real time. The other main challenge is that of an unrealistic imagination which has a tendency to create escapist private fantasies about love, avoiding facing up to those aspects of life that we dislike or which are too painful.

Unless we make a conscious effort to psychologically cleanse our distorting emotional level, we may discover that our idealised ‘sacred marriage’ lacks a sense of honesty and direct relationship, and the impulse of attraction was founded solely on transient passions, illusions and the personal need to rely on another. This is possible when the ‘love-union’ is between two immature persons, not ready to stand in their own strength and integrity. The current transits (♀∠♂∠ ♅ ∠♆) will reveal where we have sadly mistaken a lesson for a soul-mate.

As it happens, we see that two mature persons engaging in a mutual dance are becoming ever more cognizant in knowing that they are consciously choosing to come together to appreciate each other in the deepest possible way, and through their love to bring something precious into the world for the benefit of the entire cosmos. It is in this acknowledgement that we begin the dance with one another on angelic realms. When the angel within one, meets the angel within the beloved other, two souls are ready to engage in the cosmic dance of the sacred union, and their marriage will touch the hearts of everyone in the most unique ways.

The true sacred union extends its love far beyond the limits of even the wildest dreams. It creates an aura or a vibe that is blessed with light, a matrix into which others can be awakened, inspired and liberated from the clutches of their own unconsciousness. We are living in exceptionally enlightened times, and as our increased emotional awareness opens us to acknowledge and to honor our own soul, so that our hearts are ready to invite and experience our own sacred union – a marriage that comes from honoring the soul of another and joining together to honor the intent of the greater Spirit.

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Solar flares this weekend…………

July 15 – The Moon is in ARIES sextiling Venus in GEMINI and opposing Jupiter in LIBRA and trining Mercury in LEO. An energetic fun, good conversation, socializing day. May be dramatic and impulsive and tempers may flare up. Speaking of flaring up…….

Be prepared for a HUGE Coronal Mass Ejection/ Solar Flare with very high proton energy flux which occurred July 14 @ 9:30 UTC. The Flare lasted two hours. This is one of the biggest CME’s seen in many years. It produced a sustained fusillade of X-rays and energetic protons that ionized the upper layers of Earth’s atmosphere. Shortwave radio blackouts were observed over the Pacific Ocean and especially around the Arctic Circle.

The SUN is currently entering its 11-year solar minimum which takes place around 2018-2020 when no sunspots or solar flares occur. It is unusual to see these big CME’s now and we have been seeing them a lot lately. The SUN is communicating with its system, its family of planets and asteroids.

NOAA (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration) forecasters say there’s a 75% chance of geomagnetic storms on July 16th when a CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. Moderately strong G2-class storms on July 16th could intensify to strong G3-class storms on July 17th as Earth passes through the CME’s magnetized wake.

The CME will hit earth Sunday, JULY 16 between 3:00 am- 3:00 pm PDT.

We are being SOLARIZED. The SUN effects all life on earth through these CME”s bombarding us with cosmic radiation which mutates our genes.
WARNING OF EARTHQUAKES and volcanic explosions because the CME’s affect the Electro Magnetic Frequencies of the earth. The earth is a Frequency, a tone. We are being tuned to a different chord.

CERN is collapsing earth’s protective shields through its experiments and this kind of massive influx makes us more vulnerable to cosmic radiation.

If you feel tired, or even exhausted, achy, have headaches and feel very dizzy these are some of the symptoms one could feel when the solar winds and CME’s occur. Watch your pets as animals are way more sensitive to this than humans are.

Remember the SUN is the life-giver in our Solar System. Be careful of being out in the Sun during the CME blast. The SUN symbolizes the primal masculine fire which ignites life. Very appropriate with the Moon in Aries the first fire sign.

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